• Insurance Carrier: Travelers Indemnity Of America
  • State: MT

Consumer Complaint:

The agent that investigated water damage to my Montana condominium residence falsified the investigation by having the maintenance man of the complex state false information regarding the heating of my condominium. It took 2 years to find this out and another 6 months to prove his report was untrue. It should be noted that the agent that did the initial investigation and turned in the falsified report was, and is, a homeowner in the same condominium complex my residence is in and at the time of the incident and the investigation was a member of the homeowner’s association for the complex.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have hard proof -- and can substantiate the proof (such as an affidavit from the resident) that the adjuster procured a false report or acted fraudulently you could take that information to the insurance company and ask for them to reconsider your claim. We don't know the statute of limitations in MT but a good company might rectify the error regardless. You could also report it to the state insurance department and if the guy is licensed as an adjuster they may take some action. The problem is always the proof. It rarely is as clear cut as one might like -- no one likely videotaped the original statement -- and the adjuster would likely say \"that's what he told me\" and \"there's no motive to lie\" and \"I don't know what this claimant did to get the witness to change his story, but my report was what he originally told me, and who knows why the witness may have changed the story, but perhaps he's become senile or wants to get this crazed claimant off his back. It almost sounds as if any guy spending 2-1/2 years on a claim is somewhat like Inspector Jean Valdert from Les Miserables.\" We don't know how else to advise you.