• Insurance Carrier: Unitrin Auto And Home Insurance Company
  • State: LA

Consumer Complaint:

I let my ex-wife borrow my car and she was involved in an accident. The company fixed the car and added her as 2nd driver. Said all I could do was cancel and find another carrier they would not remove her. We have been divorced for years and do not live together. She is not even licensed any longer and lives in another state. They don’t want to see my divorce decree or anything. I don’t believe I should have to pay. My policy says anyone with my permission can drive my car that is not a member of my household.

Insurance Expert Answer:

When something similar happened to me, the insurance company refused to renew the policy without adding a rider stating they are not liable if the particular driver (whose record was poor -- a few accidents – but not horrible) uses the car. As you know, drivers with DUIs have trouble getting insurance, and pay through the nose for it. If everyone could get around that by having a friend register the car, and lend it to the double DUI guy on a regular or recurring basis, the game would be up.