• Insurance Carrier: State Farm Insurance Co
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

State Farm’s insured person hit me at a crossroad. I had stopped, looked both ways twice, no one coming, got half way across intersection and got hit in the trailer I was towing. By road measurements and sight distance from impact, it was 525 feet. Illinois Rules of the Road state at 80 miles per you can stop in 480 feet. The person was on cell phone, apparently not paying attention. He slide about 110 feet by skid mark, hit the 16 ft trailer in side, sheered a 3/4th ball bolt, bent the receiver 3/4ths thick, then sent the trailer spinning away from the truck.


My Insurance Co, Pekin said it was State Farm’s insured’s fault. They won’t pay as it wasn’t my fault. After looking at the accident description and the report, it’s clear the man was driving way too fast for conditions plus there is a 55 mile speed limit. I wanted $1500 for the loss of the trailer. New, it is between $2000 and 2500 dollars.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Unless you have collision coverage, go to small claims court. A court will have to sort this out as it's often \"he said\", \"she said\", and no disinterested witnesses were there.