• Insurance Carrier: State Farm
  • State: AZ

Consumer Complaint:

In the 20 yrs I have been with Statefarm, 12 of those years in AZ I have never met my agent. My policies were just transferred to him from Louisiana. I carry comprehensive and liability on my car that was involved in an accident. I was under the impression that I had medical coverage and it took an accident to find out I didn’t. No one ever explained that the medical I have been paying for all these years was not for me but for the other person I have run into. My complaint is one of errors and omissions. I feel that the agent was neglectful in not periodically checking in to update me or go ver my coverage to make sure I understood exactly what I was paying for. I understand my own responsibility but I do believe my agent was negligent also.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I've been covered by the same insurance company for my car for 38 years. I've never met an agent and in fact the company doesn't even have agents. In your case I'd say State Farm is providing lousy customer service, and missing out on other potential business by failing to maintain a relationship or trying to \"up-sell\" you, but is not negligent. IN ANY EVENT, DEPENDING ON THE STATE, CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE EITHER REDUCES OR ELIMINATES LIABILITY, AND YOU’RE PROBABLY AT LEAST 50% AT FAULT FOR NOT SEEKING AN EXPLANATION.