• Insurance Carrier: Midwest
  • State: MS

Consumer Complaint:

My mother has been waiting to be on the list for a liver transplant for months. Yesterday, she was put on the list and it was a very happy day. Her MELD score is now 32 and the doctors say she has days. Today, Midwest Insurance Company (who has been paying all her bills to date) denied her the transplant. This was done due to a prior doctor in a stating that she \”may\” have a chemical dependency. We have proof that this was due to misdiagnosed medicine and treatment and will have doctor records tomorrow morning in hand that proves this. Meanwhile, she is being formally removed from the list. My mother is dying due to someone looking for a reason to disqualify her. This is a slam dunk case with the right voice and right set of ears. I’m exhausted, please someone help her live.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I am going to immediately send this to a top rated insurance law firm that has been involved in a series of liver transplant cases and ask them to contact you. However, given the reality that she just got on the list, and not knowing her place on that list, and her condition, no one other than the good Lord may be able to help get the result you are seeking for her. My thoughts are with you that things work out for your mother and family.