• Insurance Carrier: All State Insurance Company
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

In May of 2008 our son hit a deer on Rt. 55 with his 2003 Mercedes Benz vehicle. We had it towed to Collision Care in Plainfield where it was repaired finally in August. My son went to pick the vehicle up after being told it was done. On his arrival he was followed out by the service manager stating he just wanted to make sure it started. It hardly started and when he went to leave the car was shaking and would hardly run. All the services lights were on and would not shift. It was returned and we were told that Mercedes had checked the vehicle out and said it had pre-existing damage. Allstate refused to fix this vehicle based on what they were told. There was nothing wrong with this vehicle prior to this accident and have been arguing with Allstate adjuster and even a mediator but to no avail. My argument was there was nothing wrong with this vehicle prior to the accident but when we picked it up it could not be driven unless we put in $2300.00 of our money to repair which we don’t have.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Stop wasting time with folks at the 800 call center who read scripts and are measured by how quickly they \"resolve\" calls and get people off the phone. Write a polite letter to the senior VP for claims of Allstate in Northbrook, Il and explain you took it to their recommended shop and it was not fixed, you'll likely get a good response, but if you chose the shop on your own, and it didn't do it right, they'll say it's your fault. Your recourse would be a claim against the repair shop.