• Insurance Carrier: Hartford vs All-State
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

One of our company’s executives was in a car accident in December of 2008 (company car). The other vehicle was at fault, whose insurance company was Allstate. Allstate has not paid for the damages at all on this claim and it is now April 16th. Our company insurance had to pay and we had to pay the deductible. It is now in subrogation. The only thing All-State did pay was a portion of the rental car, which they did not even pay all of it or the amount they said would be paid.

Insurance Expert Answer:

You did the right thing by letting your carrier handle it. Your insurance company will be bugging Allstate, and there are established inter-insurance company processes for resolving these disputes both as to fault and damages. When it is resolved your carrier, Hartford, should reimburse you for most of the deductible (all but a possible share of the costs of recovery) .