• Insurance Carrier: Vanguard Car Rental USA
  • State: CA

Consumer Complaint:

I was involved in an accident with a renter of Alamo’s in which the renter ran a red light causing me injuries. My medical bills total over $8000. I have collected all the medical documentation with expert witness statements for my claim. I suffered cervical sprain/strain for two months, weakness in my left arm due to injuries for nearly a year, developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (w/ report from psychologist), and have been left permanent scars on my lower legs. I believe my claim is worth at least $25000. Yet the insurance company for the Rent A Car made one offer of $5000 ($3500 for injuries and $1500 for vehicle damages.) Their reasons for the offer are 1) the State Limits are $15000–they cannot pay me more than this amount; 2) Low impact collision–which is contradictory to the fact that the renter ran through the red light at relatively high speed; 3) I saw my psychologist 1 year later which provides big window period of time–however, this is contradicting to my medical records. I provided detailed arguments to the company but the adjuster did not follow up but sent me 4 letters containing the same arguments in response.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Anyone who tries to handle his own personal injury case is going to be taken advantage of and ruin any case he or she might have had. Sorry, but that's the fact. You are what you negotiate and you're a babe in the woods. See a lawyer -- hopefully you did not do too much harm already so one will be interested in your case. Check out our affiliate http://attorneypages.com/lawyer-auto_accidents-CA-San_Francisco.htm