• Insurance Carrier: Assurance America Insurance Co In Georgia
  • State: LA

Consumer Complaint:

Car insured by an insurance company in Georgia hit parked motorcycle. They are refusing to pay to have it repaired, they are saying the damages are $4,000.00 Our insurance and an independent insurance say $13,000.00 – $14,000.00.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is a classic 3rd party liability situation in which the issue is damages. IF you have collision insurance on the bike, let your company pay the claim and while you'll have to bear the deductible for a while, if it collects from the responsible driver or his insurance company, you'll get it back in whole or large part. The other driver's insurance company owes its duty to him, not you. They are allowed to say \"prove it\" in terms of liability and damages. If you don't have collision insurance then it will be up to you to prove both fault and the cost to repair, perhaps in court.