• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: GA

Consumer Complaint:

I live in an apartment complex. I have renter’s insurance through Allstate. I have had a sewage backup in my apartment from the outside and it destroyed some of my personal belongings. I filed a claim and they denied it saying the apartment was responsible. In my lease the apartment says they are responsible for the apartment not the personal belongings in the unit. That’s why they push renter’s insurance. What should I do?

Insurance Expert Answer:

I have not read the policy, but in many renters and homeowners policies sewage and other backups from municipal services are EXCLUDED from the policies. Thus your ability to recover may depend in part on the source of the back-up. If the back-up was from another unit the landlord may be liable, and probably carries insurance.

Ask for a letter explaining the denial. Then compare the reasons in the letter with the policy wording.