• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: NJ

Consumer Complaint:

I was quoted by an Allstate agent in July of 2008. I sent all the requested paperwork back signed and all. 6 months later I received paperwork more then doubling my policy. I asked why and nobody at the agency knew why. I called back and they said that they haven’t received any paperwork back regarding my prior insurance policies. For 6 months I paid on time and not one notice was sent to me about them not receiving the paperwork. I elected to go with Geico in January of 09. 2 weeks later I get a collection notice in the amount of about $1300.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This seems very unusual.

Although I have a hunch there may have been a significant misstatement on the application, rather than trying to speculate as to what happened, you should write a polite letter to the VP for Underwriting of Allstate in Northbrook, Illinois and ask for a complete explanation.Don't waste time dealing with the 800 number call center.

You might also say that had the revised price been quoted you would have gone with another carrier. You might also send a copy of the letter to the New Jersey Insurance Department.