• Insurance Carrier: Safeco
  • State: MN

Consumer Complaint:

What are my rights and my options when insurance company is offering unfair ACV? For a total loss of a car. I did sent them 3 active listings which are on the market for sale which is a close comparable to my car, still they would not agree. They have hired CCC independent company and they are giving a very low compares and not providing any additional info on those comparables. My car had no accident and the cars they are comparing have multiple accident history. Still they say it is comparable. I am thinking of hiring an independent appraiser.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I assume your dispute is with your OWN insurance company, and not another driver's. Comprehensive policies often provide that when there is a dispute there can be an arbitration-type decision using an independent evaluator. Check your policy wording carefully for the provisions as the wording and availability can vary by state and I am not sure what yours provides. If the dispute is with another driver's company, then you have a 3rd party claim against that company and are probably better off dealing with your own company if you have collision coverage. You may even have to sue the other driver.