• Insurance Carrier: The Mega Life & Health Insurance Company
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

Filed a claim in October 08. My wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Took claims department till March 27, 2008 that everything was approved for payment and checks were going out the following week. 1 claim for $2,200 was paid and we are still getting calls from Doctors and hospitals for payments. I have tried calling and e-mailing to find out what’s going on and keep getting the run around, if and when they even respond to messages and e-mails. over $100,000 in bills so far. will provide more details to Atty. or others.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is another example of the outrageous conduct we have repeatedly seen by Mega Life. While we warn people about Mega Life, they just persist in outrageous conduct.

We will send your complaint to a national law firm, as you requested, for a free evaluation. I expect the firm will contact you directly in the next day.