• Insurance Carrier: Balboa Insurance
  • State: MD

Consumer Complaint:

My agent or his boss will return phone calls about settlement to my contractor
or myself. They seem to be giving me the run around;  they have paid
subcontractors such as servo pro ect., but there hasn’t been any construction
on my home as to date. Mr. XXX and my contractor seem to be locked in
negotiation over the restoration cost of my home. Mr XXX’s has stated, ”that
he would send back the adjuster to my home\” but has failed to do so. He has
also requested a list of lost items from my wife and myself. I’ve explained to him
that we are trying to get this letter together. The fire to my home occurred on 31
Dec. 08.  Mr. XXX’s has stated, several times that he may be overwhelmed
by other complaint.  I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed but would be beneficial to all parties involved to reassign my case to someone less busy. I don’t want to contact legal representation but if this lack of service
continues I will have to resort to that measure. please advise me on what I must do to resolve this matter?

Insurance Expert Answer:

It's hard to see what the story really is as your contractor and their adjuster seemed locked in a battle. Further, if you've not given them at least a partial list of items lost in the fire in over 4 months they probably feel that you are in no hurry.

It also may be time to bring in a public adjuster to assist you with getting this resolved.