• Insurance Carrier: Progressive
  • State: NM

Consumer Complaint:

I had a major traffic accident Apr 16 that involved myself and another car that was caused by a truck dumping gravel on a major highway. This made my car lose control when I drove on top of the gravel, as I tried to control of the car, the car slid into the medium and the oncoming traffic which made me T-bone another car. I called Progressive and found out I had no insurance, even though my last insurance payment I made was April 2nd.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Several issues could be involved, and you just may have a legal claim against the paving contractor if all else fails. You are entitled to a full explanation as to why Progressive claims you have no insurance. If you missed a payment and they did not send you timely notice of non-payment (if required by state law) your policy may well have remained in force. At this point you can just sit and wait or see a lawyer; I'd do the latter because of a possible claim against the paving company.