• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: KY

Consumer Complaint:

Rate for 2 people with 2 cars full coverage. Cars are 5 years old, charging $304 a month. I have been with this company for over 20 years. Whenever something has happened, they have been of no help. One time a person backed into me probably 10-15 years ago. I gave them a police report, the address of the person he gave and where he really stayed, and where he worked. Nothing was ever done. I had to take care of my car! There is much much more. I plan on taking this even further. They cannot be allowed to gauge people like this. I have had to do their job for them! I put in the box for the date of February 2009, but this has been going on for years. I feel they owe me money. This person should not be able to be an agent and they all should be fired.

Insurance Expert Answer:

$3,600 dollars a year for coverage of 2 cars in Kentucky sounds very high to me as an outsider, especially if you both have clean driving records and there is no one else living in your household, such as a teen-ager or new driver or someone with a bad record. However, I have no idea what all the facts are that may explain what seems to be an extra-ordinarily high premium. If you have a history of losses, or the cars are garaged in a high crime area, or there are drivers with bad records who use the car, or it's used for business, or there is excessive mileage, or the cars are VERY expensive, etc. If so those are some thing that might help explain why you are being charged so much. Or it may be that Allstate is trying to get rid of you as a policyholder.

To reduce one's premium people could do things such as raise the deductibles on collision and comprehensive (or drop collision) and take a safe driver's course, etc. The smartest thing to do is speak to several other agents and companies -- you're not married to Allstate and even though you've been with them for years there is nothing keeping you with them.

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