• Insurance Carrier: American Access Casualty Company
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

My truck was parked in Aurora on a city street and was hit by the insured. There were other cars involved in this accident as well as some property. I have supplied all the information for the accident. And they have had their inspector look at my truck. They are telling me that they cannot issue a check for the repair until all clams are processed. This is because of the limit of the policy. My repair cost is ~ $1500.00. All I want is my truck repaired. What is my resource?

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have collision insurance let your own company cover it, and while they'll deduct the deductible you'll eventually get at least most of it back when they recover from the responsible driver or her insurer. The problem in all cases with damages to multiple claimants is that the defendant's liability insurance company is only responsible up to its policy limits. If it issued a 25-50 policy it would be liable for up to $25k in damages to any one person, and a total to all claimants of $50k if multiple persons were injured in the same accident. It then typically divides the total damages by $50k and shares that among all claimants proportionally. Take their driver to small claims court.