• Insurance Carrier: American Access Casualty Company
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

My truck was stolen 10/18/2008. The first time that I called my insurance, I told them that I left the keys in the vehicle. Two days after somebody called me and said that my truck was towed in Chicago. I call ins. Again they told me to wait for them; they have sent a person to check the damage. Not to worry about everything since it was covered by insurance. So I wait for 12 days. Then they sent me a letter saying I have no coverage to this case.

Insurance Expert Answer:

The key here is on what basis is the insurance company denying the claim. You're entitled to a full explanation. When they give it to you, see if it makes sense, and consult your agent and a lawyer of needed.

What someone may have told you on the phone earlier is not necessarily binding on the company as the final decision is made by corporate officers. For example, perhaps the company will say premium had not been paid. Then you need to show them they were paid. Until you have the basis for their claim it is not covered, we can't help.