• Insurance Carrier: Medica
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

I have had my health insurance with MEDIC for 20+ years. About 10 years ago they offered a conversion plan so I could continue insured but still move to Florida. The rates have increased all along but I recently received notification that on Nov 1, 2008 my premium is going up some 20% or $314.24/month. My new monthly premium for myself and my wife will be $1853.38. I find this unacceptable but I am not able to get other insurance. I believe it was only the conversion plan that received this large increase and not their regular health policies. I find it hard to believe that the State of Mn. would authorize such a huge increase. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you

Insurance Expert Answer:

Now you see why we need a national health plan. Unfortunately the costs of medical and hospital care have skyrocketed, and health insurance rates have been going up nationwide, although 20% seems way above normal year to year. We can't help other than to suggest you see when the last increase was, ask the MN insurance department if it approved the increase and if so on what basis, if the carrier does business in you state to check if they approved the rate increase, and if so on what basis, and shop for alternative coverage -- such as through an HMO or other organization (such as AARP) or another company or plan.