• Insurance Carrier: State Farm
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

Last year my parents was t-boned at an intersection. It was the other drivers fault; he has State Farm insurance. My parents has a 2004 ford expedition the trunk was in very very bad shape after the accident the auto body that we were told to take here in town would fix it then it wouldn’t be right and kept going back over and over the total ended up being just around $32,000 in repairs and it is still not fixed right and my parents are tried taking it back over and over it does not feel safe to drive.


The truck was not worth $32,000 at the time of accident. Shouldn’t this have been totaled out? They did not sign anything from the auto body to say it was repaired correctly because they don’t believe it is. What can they do?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Absolutely should have been totalled.

I'd suggest you speak to an attorney as a simple lawyer's letter to the insurer just could set this right. The alternative is for them to sell it and buy a replacement.