• Insurance Carrier: Travelers Insurance
  • State: WI

Consumer Complaint:

I have had home and auto insurance with Travelers insurance since 1986. I had a $100 deductible on the home insurance. My home was built in 1984 and I purchased it in 1986. I received payment totaling just over $1,200 for 3 claims in 2007. Until that time I had only one home insurance minor claim for several hundred dollars years ago. The adjuster said that the 4th claim was not their problem and it was denied. That involved a water leakage problem where a deck connects to the home. It has caused a small hole in the floor where the slide door opens to the deck. Water has traveled thru the deck connection to the lower level of the home and exited thru a casement window frame on the inside of the home. I am concerned about mold in the walls. I have not been able to get home insurance since receiving the nonrenewal letter. My insurance expired 10/14/2008 and I don’t want to loose the home to the mortgage company due to this insurance problem. I need to secure affordable home insurance quickly and I am running into a brick wall with insurance agents.

Insurance Expert Answer:

The mistake was the far too low deductible and an excessive number of claims. To an old insurance guy it looks as if you had a bad run, your house is experiencing problems and that suggests more problems in the future so the company wants off. Call your state insurance department and ask if they have suggestions.