• Insurance Carrier: Old Mutual Life Insurance
  • State: TN

Consumer Complaint:

I have filled out the forms, sent in documents to the company, and they have said that I am the beneficiary of a life ins. policy. The company won’t pay me the money that is due to me. What should I do?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Please be a bit more specific so we might try to help. As much as possible of the following information could be VERY helpful: When was the policy in question issued? Was the policy individually and privately purchased or was it issued as part of an employer's plan or some group plan? If so, what employer/group? Who is the deceased? His her date of death? Who is the named beneficiary? What relationship existed between the deceased and beneficiary? Was a formal claim filed? When? What reason did the insurance company give for not paying the claim? We'll try to help as soon as you get us more information.