• Insurance Carrier: Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Texas
  • State: TX

Consumer Complaint:

I was supposed to be added to husbands insurance policy at work. They have taken out 6 to 8 wks. of premiums and I still do not have insurance. They promised to fix the issue no later than 10/01/2008 and still have not done this. According to his place of employment it is the insurance company. I spoke directly with the insurance company and they said it was the agent handling the insurance. They now tell me they probably will not get coverage for me until the first of the year, but continue taking the premium. No one will reimburse us this money even though I do not have access because they are trying to place coverage back to the first of July. At first they told me I had contacted them within 60 days of issuance to notify them there was a problem so I would be covered. I do not feel it is fair to pay for coverage I have no access too. It seems to me as if they are stealing my money.

Insurance Expert Answer:

You're right. Write a polite but clear LETTER to the CEO of the agency the agent works for and to the CEO of BC/BS. Forget phone calls.