• Insurance Carrier: Balboa
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

After hurricane in 2004 we had a branch go through our roof, which made a big hole, the insurance Co. only gave us $600 to fix it. My husband being in the construction field repaired the hole & stopped the leak. Last week of July 2008 it started leaking again; we had a Licensed Bonded & Insured roofer put another roof over the existing one. A week later, August 1,2008, it rained heavily and the whole roof caved in & collapsed. We contacted the roofer but he never came by. We filed a claim with the insurance company, but they denied it, saying that it was from a previous claim back in 2004 and we neglected to fix the problem then.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Forget the agent and instead call the company's 800 number and tell them what happened (explaining that a new roof you'd had put on by a licensed contractor a week earlier, collapsed, destroying part of the house) and you need help now. Get the name of the person you spoke to. Then follow up with a VERY clear letter repeating what you told them on the phone to the person you spoke with AND the CEO of the insurance company. Sounds to me as if you may have a claim against the guy who failed to properly repair the roof too.