• Insurance Carrier: Metropolian Life
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

Metropolian Life Insurance company is the provider of my long term care disability policy. I have not working since October 2007. The policy was employer-provided. I have a right to see; neither Met Life or my employer will give me a copy of this long term disability policy for which I am eligible to age 65 to receive benefits and do currently receive benefits from in the long term. I am requesting you help me secure a copy of the policy from Met Life who claims it is the employer’s responsibility to give me a copy of the policy which covers my disability.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Write a polite letter to William J. Mullaney, President, Institutional Business, MetLife, Inc. at 200 Park Avenue, NY, NY 10017 seeking his help. Your employer should make a copy available to you -- but from what I recall is not legally obligated to send you a copy. You could call the US Department of labor to confirm that. In disputes over LTD coverage it often takes an attorney's involvement to pry the money loose as there are several different definitions of disabled that come into play.