• Insurance Carrier: Prime Liberty
  • State: MI

Consumer Complaint:

The insurance agent told me I would have coverage December 1, 2008. He also told me that if I was not happy with the health insurance I could get a total refund. He said \”the information I am telling you is correct or I could lose my job.\” I talked with this insurance company and found it it was not for health insurance, but for reduced prescription coverage. I told the agent and from what I found out is that if I cancel within 30 days I will not get back the $136.95 plus the $110.00 non-refundable fee, which was never told to me. My husband and I are unemployed; we don’t have $110.00 to give to a so called health insurance agency, and I just want my money back.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I'm sorry about your circumstances, but it appears you were defrauded. It is impossible to get real health insurance for 2 people -- especially people who have many health problems -- at $136 a month in any part of this country. Any deal that seems too good to be true is usually a fraud if not a big red flag. I tried to look at what you bought and it seems to be an access plan and NOT real insurance. It looks like a scam, and probably not regulated by any state insurance department -- you can call up the Michigan Insurance Department and ask. You also can and should report this to the Consumer Protection Agencies in your area/state, the police, the District Attorney, etc. You can sue the agent in small claims court. BUT if it were my money, I'd first get the refund of the $136 and THEN think about suing the agent in small claims court. My hunch is that the $110 is an enrollment fee that the agent pockets, so that's why there is no refund. And for the agent losing his job, not going to happen.