• Insurance Carrier: AAA
  • State: MO

Consumer Complaint:

My wife and I purchased a 2001 Dodge Intrepid about a year ago. Still have two years of payments on car. Car was stolen last week. Was advised to only purchase liability insurance at time of purchase. As it turns out, I should have been advised to purchase full coverage because of the lien on the car. Obviously insurance agent and lienholder have dropped the ball here. Nobody seems to want to work anything out, nothing but finger pointing back at my wife and myself. Need advice on how to proceed at this point!!!

Insurance Expert Answer:

While this is a potential \"malpractice\" claim against the agent for faulty advice, proving it will be very hard -- it's \"he said, she said\" and memories will differ. The agent will remember you wanted to pay the lowest premium (your netzero email account is consistent). Plus, you'd have to prove it was bad advice that was not reasonable to give. In light of the theft it may seem like bad advice now, but the test is was it good advice at the time the agent gave advice, and that's very debatable. You bought a 6+ year old used car, and most insurance professionals would say full coverage is not worth the extra cost for an old car, and he say it cost him commissions he would have earned if you bought a more expensive policy. You'd have to hire an expert to say it was bad advice, and the expert's fee would exceed the loss.