• Insurance Carrier: Pekin Ins Co
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

We received roof damage during a storm. Reported the damage because of heavy insurance claims at that time we had to wait a long time for an adjuster. Called a roofer and received an estimate. The estimate at that time was $7,015.00. The insurance company issued a check for $2507.50. We refused and did not cash. They wanted another estimate with a roofer of their choice. Received that and it was $10,290.00. Did not help. They still refused. The adjuster came out again October 30. Still refused but would not go on roof from the ground. Decided there was not enough damage.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Three suggestions: 1. Write a polite letter to the VP for Claims and the CEO of the insurance company and include a copy of the damage estimate both inspectors/roofers gave. State that their adjuster is \"acting in bad faith\" and you are at wits end. ALSO - keep a diary of all calls and contacts with the insurance adjuster from here on in. 2. Hire a \"public adjuster\". 3. Complain to the state insurance department in Springfield.