• Insurance Carrier: Golden Rule Insurance
  • State: MS

Consumer Complaint:

I took out family insurance from Golden Rule insurance company with effective date of 06/01/2006. I was paying my premiums from June 2006 to Aug 2006. In July 2006 I went through some diagnostic tests for which I incurred around roughly $10,000 in cost. Starting Aug 2006 I sought to change my plan to have a low deductible. During this time I asked if this was going to have any effect on my current coverage and was assured by the agent that there would be no effect. However, Golden Rule removed my coverage from June to Aug and then started a new plan, effective August. Consequently, they denied my claims, citing only coverage starting in August. I talked to them multiple times but they did not restore my coverage. Please help me in resolve this dispute with the Golden Rule insurance company.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Unfortunately it seems that Golden Rule often fails to follow the real \"golden rule.\" instead it sticks it to policyholders. We are award of many horrible situations involving Golden Rule. We know lawyers that regularly sue the firm and recover significant damages against the company when it engaged in bad faith. However, the ability to get relief often depends on the papers and correspondence the policyholder has. Do you have copies of all the paperwork? If so we could ask a law firm to arrange a free initial consultation.