• Insurance Carrier: Lincoln Financial Group
  • State: OH

Consumer Complaint:

I was 26 years old last year when I fell on my job and I haven’t worked since January 15, 2007. Lincoln Financial Group has refused to pay me a dime and I strongly suspect that it is due to my race and my age. I am uninsured and still in pain. My temporary workman’s comp has ended and I am struggling to keep my head above the water. I have pain in my neck, back, bulging disc, a mass in my right leg and have been declared by workman’s comp as unqualified to work on any job on the market.

Workman’s Comp won’t allow me to change physicians, yet they said I am unemployable and have reached maximum improvement. I have sent documentation about my injuries. My attorney is refilling some things but this insurance was suppose to pay out if I was off work and unable to return.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I am sorry your situation is bad, but I can assure you (99.9%) that insurance companies are not basing their denial on race, color, creed or national origin. Some of them just ream everyone, others are fair to everyone. Workers Comp is not something we can even make suggestions on as it is fact dependent and state laws and processes differ. If you are TOTALLY disabled you may qualify for Social Security Disability. If you have a competent lawyer, and the claim is for long term disability, listen to the lawyer; if s/he's not that good, try to get new one.