• Insurance Carrier:
  • State: CO

Consumer Complaint:

A rock jettisoned off a construction trailer and broke my windshield. I contacted the construction company that owns the vehicle. They asked me to file a report with the police, which I did, and send the report to them. They would turn forward it to their insurance carrier. That was July 28, 2008. I have left two messages with the construction company and have not received a return phone call.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is NOT an insurance question -- as it's a situation as to whether or not you can prove the damage and collect from the trucking company. First, after a month it's time to send a letter -- phone calls get ignored -- to the trucking company. If it's a big trucking company, they essentially self-insure their trucks, sometimes with an insurance company as administrator. If it's a small one they sometimes buy policies that have some deductibles for property damage. In either case the money is likely coming from the trucking company's pocket. Saying \"we'll send it to our insurance company\" is typically a way to mollify people, and let them cool down and hopefully forget about it. As a very practical matter, whether the trucking company self-insures or not, I'd bet that you'll get a letter from an insurance company or the trucker denying the claim and saying their investigation shows there is no proof the damage was done by their truck. You may have to try to sue the trucker in Small Claims Court.