• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: TX

Consumer Complaint:

I contacted an adjuster named Roger ***, due to the fact that an ISO indicated a previous hail damage claim was authorized and paid by Mr. XXXX for one of his insured’s. My insured is now presenting another hail claim for the same vehicle so it is imperative that I am able to compare the previous estimate to our estimate to separate the damages done from this hail storm. When I called Roger ***, he refused to give me the information I requested and advised I would need to request it in writing so I asked for his fax number as well as his supervisor’s name so that I may further discuss and he advised that he would not give me his supervisor’s name and at that point terminated the phone call by hanging up to phone (without giving the fax number or his bosses name). To have peers in the same business conduct themselves in this manner is apalling. Furthermore, as an Allstate insured myself, I have become too complacent in feeling that I am in ‘good hands’.

Insurance Expert Answer:

As you appear to be an insurance person. I am sure you recognize that there is a major difference between insurance companies, and that while most consumers focus only on \"price\" the most important part of the policy is the promises the insurance company makes to you and the way they treat you when there is a claim.

Although Allstate is one of the largest auto insurance companies, it is more known for low price than for good service, and in many cases has been absolutely ruthless when settling claims, both with its insureds and third parties.

Here one of its adjusters seems way out of line. But lack of manners is not limited to Allstate or its adjusters, and perhaps you got the adjuster on a bad day. I'd write to the VP for Claims of Allstate in Northbrook, IL and ask for the information you need and express your concerns about the adjuster.