2016 Government Law Legal News Archives

May 2016

Grab Your Lawyer, It's Raining Lawsuits in North Carolina Over HB2

Thursday, 19 May, 2016

North Carolina and the Justice Department File Dueling Lawsuits over Transgender Bathroom Bill

Monday, 16 May, 2016

FDA Announces Regulations of E - Cigarette Market

Monday, 9 May, 2016

April 2016

Do Women Have the Right to Breastfeed in Public?

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

March 2016

Bad for Users, Bad for Business

Thursday, 31 March, 2016

Supreme Court Dismisses Anti-Marijuana Lawsuit Filed Against Colorado

Wednesday, 23 March, 2016

Can Cities Punish People for Being Homeless Alcoholics?

Sunday, 20 March, 2016

Can You Be Jailed for Failing to Pay a Fine?

Saturday, 19 March, 2016

DUI Suspensions Challenged in Florida

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016

Apple vs. the FBI

Thursday, 10 March, 2016

Supreme Court Hears Texas Abortion Case, Temporarily Blocks Louisiana Law

Sunday, 6 March, 2016

February 2016

The Safe Harbor Pact: A Disconnect Between the US and the EU

Saturday, 20 February, 2016

Apple CEO Rejects Federal Court Order to Hack San Bernardino Terrorist iPhone

Wednesday, 17 February, 2016

Liability for National Origin Discrimination

Tuesday, 16 February, 2016

Supreme Court Rejects California's Attempt to Restrict Mandatory Arbitration

Saturday, 13 February, 2016

Responses Vary to Injury Threats Posed by Hobbyist Drones

Thursday, 11 February, 2016

Supreme Court Blocks Implementation of Landmark EPA Energy Regulation

Thursday, 11 February, 2016

Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Sues After Being Recused from Case

Sunday, 7 February, 2016

Supreme Court Approves Class Action for Navy Recruitment Texts

Saturday, 6 February, 2016

Federal Court Concludes that Taser Use Can Constitute Excessive Force

Thursday, 4 February, 2016

Yosemite Park Changes Iconic Location Names to Avoid Intellectual Property Lawsuit

Tuesday, 2 February, 2016

January 2016

Do you own your own face?

Tuesday, 26 January, 2016

Supreme Court will Decide Fate of President Obama's Immigration Executive Order

Wednesday, 20 January, 2016

Supreme Court Invalidates Florida Death Penalty Law

Saturday, 16 January, 2016

When Are Cookies Unconstitutional?

Wednesday, 13 January, 2016

President Obama Announces Executive Action on Gun Control

Wednesday, 6 January, 2016