2017 Employment Labor Law Legal News Archives

November 2016

Amazon Sued for Employment Discrimination

Sunday, 20 November, 2016

September 2016

Is It Illegal for Your Boss to Tell You to Look Happy?

Sunday, 11 September, 2016

August 2016

Employer Defeats Transgender Discrimination Lawsuit by Citing Religious Freedom

Monday, 22 August, 2016

July 2016

NJ Man is Fired Because Company is Worried About His Possible Nasty Divorce

Saturday, 16 July, 2016

EEOC Settles Historic Case Alleging Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016

June 2016

Former Ad Agency Executive Alleges Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

McDonald's Sued by Blind Man for Violating ADA

Tuesday, 14 June, 2016

May 2016

Lowe's Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit for $8.6 Million

Sunday, 29 May, 2016

Financial Institutions Continue to Victimize Women

Thursday, 26 May, 2016

April 2016

U.S. Women's Soccer Players Demand Equal Pay

Thursday, 28 April, 2016

How Social Media Policies Can Violate Labor Laws

Saturday, 9 April, 2016

March 2016

Chipotle's Tweeting Controversy

Thursday, 24 March, 2016

February 2016

New Business Reporting Rule Promotes Equal Pay for Women

Thursday, 18 February, 2016

January 2016

EEOC Settles Race Discrimination Claim Against Hillshire Brands

Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

December 2015

Blind Barber Receives Compensation for Wrongful Firing

Monday, 14 December, 2015

September 2015

Utah Supreme Court Grants Employees Right to Workplace Self-Defense in Wal-Mart Lawsuit

Wednesday, 23 September, 2015

July 2015

EEOC Rules that Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination is Illegal

Monday, 20 July, 2015

Will New Overtime Laws Mean Fewer Work Emails at Home?

Wednesday, 15 July, 2015

June 2015

ACLU Wants Investigation of Hollywood's Bias Against Women Directors

Monday, 1 June, 2015

March 2015

Could Your Facebook Likes Cost You a Job Offer?

Friday, 6 March, 2015

December 2014

Many Workers Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014

November 2014

Labor Board Says Facebook Posts Can Get You Fired

Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

Job Seekers Sue LinkedIn for Violating Fair Credit Act

Tuesday, 18 November, 2014

October 2014

Does Your Sandwich Guy Have a Non-Compete?

Monday, 27 October, 2014

September 2014

California Companies Ordered to Pay Employees' Personal Cell Phone Bills

Thursday, 25 September, 2014

May 2014

Dayton Signs Law to Give Minnesota Women Better Workplace

Monday, 19 May, 2014

January 2013

Flu Season Brings Concern Over Sick Time Laws

Tuesday, 22 January, 2013

December 2012

Hotly Debated Right-to-Work Law Passes in Michigan

Friday, 14 December, 2012

Walmart Becomes a Defendant in Worker Rights Violations Suit

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

November 2012

Former 'Price Is Right' Model Wins $7.7M in Discrimination Lawsuit

Monday, 26 November, 2012

September 2012

Texas Company Owes $1.3 M For What Amounts To Modern Day Wage Slavery

Sunday, 30 September, 2012

Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot Settles Tip Pooling Lawsuit

Monday, 24 September, 2012

Walmart Employee Fired for Legal Use of Medical Marijuana Loses Appeal

Friday, 21 September, 2012

Court Says Telecommuting Might Be a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Votes to End Strike

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012

Judge Postpones Order to End Chicago Teachers Strike

Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

Britney Spears Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Friday, 14 September, 2012

Samsung Abusing Workers in China

Wednesday, 12 September, 2012